Military and (Midish) Mid Year Update

222 Days

It has been 222 days since I first enlisted in the military.

222 days, or 7 months, 10 days, has passed by pretty quickly.

In 222 days, I lost 17 kilos, took 3 batches of recruits (currently losing my mind over the latest batch), fell sick 5 times and opened my mind to new things that I have never seen before.

I always thought that the military was a complete waste of time and while I still haven’t completely left that phase as of yet, I have been pretty lucky as of yet.

Yes, things will have a major shakeup in October and I have come closer to breakdowns more often than not in the past few months, but hey, what better to grow than to have the SAF Counselling Hotline on speed dial?

That’s the military, now let’s talk about 2018.

In my last post regarding the year in review, I have set out a few goals to achieve. Considering that June is coming pretty soon, I think it is appropriate to do a mid-year review.

Weight loss goal?

So far I have lost 7kg this year, still have a bit more to go. Also, while I have lost 17KG overall, I still look like I only lost 10kg.

Try and Get into NTU WKW?

They gave me an interview and I honestly feel that my chances are pretty good. So far, my friends have gotten their confirmation, but hey, I still have some hope left.

Do a full personality reset?

Some things still come back to haunt me so I guess maybe not yet.

Look Handsome?

Errrr, maybe not so (yet).

So the verdict?

Meh. Things have been fine but they can always be better. With that being said, here’s to a having a better second half of the year as well as achieving my weight loss goal before I turn 21 years old (which by the way is on 5th August. 😉 ;))!


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