2017 Year In Review

2017 is coming to an end and I think this warrants a year in review post.

2016 was something I really wish to forget and leave behind, and 2017 has been instrumental in allowing me to move on from the devastating after effects of whatever happened in the last year.

This year, I went to the United States for the first time, lost 10kg, became slightly more positive, starting seeking help for issues that I could have not resolved on my own and came up with a road plan for the next two years (by road plan, I mean a generic and rough sketch of what I plan to do to help the time in National Service pass as fast as possible).

Last year’s incidents have changed the way I think, the way I react to certain situations, the way I deal with crises. Some are bad, some are good. But this year has allowed me to try and recover some pieces of myself that were shattered. Although I will never be the same, it was a learning experience.

2017 has allowed me to establish a strong foundation that will make 2018 a much more stable year and will allow me to plan ahead for the next big aspect of my life – University. My current plans for Uni include hitting the ground running and not fucking up in the beginning as per how I started all the big things in my life currently and in the past.

I have already set my goals for next year, but the difference between the past 8 years of goal setting and this year is that even before the year has started, I have already begun working on those goals.

  1. Weight loss goal? Check – all I have to do is continue on my current diet and workout plan
  2. Try and Get into NTU WKW? Check – starting to compile and make all the necessary changes to my resume, my portfolio, training for the interview.
  3. Do a full personality reset? Check – I am no longer the same person
  4. Look Handsome? Check – see 1)

I am excited for the times ahead, I really hope and pray that God will look over me and continue to bless me as we slowly inch closer to the New Year’s.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


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