National Service Update

It’s been a while since I wrote on my blog. As per usual, anything that requires a commitment has been forgotten and relegated to the sidelines, including this post, which was initiated 3 weeks ago but only published now.

It’s been 52 days since I have enlisted in the military and while things were a breeze, I have achieved new milestones such as:

  1. Visiting a lot of doctors – 5 different doctors (4 MOs, 1 family doctor, 1 TCM), 7 times in 52 days.
  2. Longest Time Being Sick – 3 weeks straight

In fact, as I write this, my throat just started to feel painful and swollen again. Hopefully, it isn’t a repeat case of tonsillitis, because if that’s the case, it means I’ll be in the A&E section of a hospital for surgery. Also, removal of my tonsils will affect my voice, and as many of you know, I value my voice more than my life.

Other things include the death of my MacBook Pro’s hard drive, which cost me $360 to repair and 2 weekends worth of work to restore normal services. Also, as I type this, the speaker is starting to sound a little wonky. Come on MacBook, don’t die on me yet…

Screen Shot 2017-11-11 at 11.22.17 PM.png
Is this how moving house feels like?

The thing was that the guy who repaired it upgraded the software to macOS Sierra, which means a lot of the software that I have been using before no longer works. So I had to go software shopping (Thank God for Black Friday).

ANYWAY – back to NS.

In the last three weeks since I have been posted out from Tekong (How I miss and don’t miss that place), I have completed my ASA (Admin Support Assistant) training at Sembawang Camp (Home of the CSSCOMM (Combat Support Services)) and is looking forward to my graduation parade. (11 days and counting!)


CSSCOMM (Combat Support Services) includes storemen (logistics), ASAs (admin work) and drivers (transport). So the next time you get your NDP fun pack, remember it’s the CSSCOMM making sure it’s getting done. (Source: The Singapore Army Facebook Page)


The thing is, I have about three different paths that I could possibly take:

  1. MDC (Music & Drama Company) – either as an artist or as a technical guy
  2. Admin Spec (Admin Specialist) –  six months of training and then I will become a 3SG
  3. ASA – get dispatched to a unit and pray to God that my CO/OC/3SGs are nice people and that the unit culture is great.

I am actucally excited and nervous, mostly because never have I ever wanted to get into MDC so badly in my life.

On the other hand, I have been consistently topping the class tests, which means my chances of becoming a spec is quite good.

Either way, I will only find out on the 15th of December, but I’ll keep my fingers crossed till then.


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