The Great Crossroad

2017 has been a rather wild child as compared to 2016, considering its many ups and downs, in a surprising pattern of 1:2 – When one good thing happens, two bad thing happens. But at least it’s not 2016, where in the cruel scheme of things, they decided to give me a funeral for my grandmother instead of a birthday party.

Other than that, things have been rather nice, with time quickly passing by as my schedule is consumed by coaching, work, family commitments and friends alike. It is indeed strange to see friends and classmates whom just at the start of this year were working towards the sole goal of getting out of Polytechnic now starting their freshmen year at their respective university, while seeing an increase trend of bald heads among my male friends (soon it will be my turn in 40 days).

But now, I am at a great crossroad, where I have to decide where to go and how would I like to spend my two years.

Maybe I could be like my friend Ryan, who spent his two years in the air force learning photography and now have a massive following on Instagram. Like him, I am at a crossroad where I am not finding any considerable success whatsoever in my productions and he left music for photography and is enjoying himself, although he has stated that he is interested in coming back to music and DJing.

Right now, with no other further choices at the back of my mind, I have decided to apply for Communication Studies at Nanyang Technological University with hopes that I might get in, and if I don’t maybe I would pursue something different.

I honestly hope that one day I will be working the radio industry and have the chance to go back to my alma mater – FMS – and teach, because that’s my current passion. But as I only know too well that my dreams usually just crash and burn. Sigh :’).

Oh well, I just have to leave my fate in the hands of God now, maybe he has something installed for me. But as of now, I am stuck here at the great crossroad, wondering what the world has installed for me.


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