MoneyTeam with a dash of irony

Sometimes I feel that my life is a little ironic.

My closest brothers, aka MoneyTeam, have seen my 100% personality, and know me virtually from inside out.

My second closest, aka NPDJ, knows me relatively well, and knows me fair enough to make a judgement.

The irony is that some people call me the “Hardest Working” person while the MoneyTeam calls me the “laziest man alive”.

I feel a sense of obligation to tell NPDJ that I’m a lazy guy. That the only reason I work hard is I love DJing and that they are only family I have in Ngee Ann.

Don’t get me wrong, I love my NPDJ Crew and will cover their ass, but their feedback doesn’t seem to have the same of creditability as my MoneyTeam.

To me, the MoneyTeam is a bunch of people who will not hesitate to punch me in the face if they need to. They are the people who will drag my ass off the bed and get stuff done.

But, things have changed. I am who I was back then because of the MoneyTeam, but I am who I am now because of NPDJ. Who I will be in the future is anyone’s guess.

To me, the MoneyTeam is breaking up. I have been getting worst, as if I was a dysfunctional mad man who had relapsid.

The crew is not that better off either.

Rong Xian and Kerwyn are slowly being eroded away by their own problems and school work.

Vera and Dhaniah couldn’t give two shits whether the team died or no, considering their delayed entry to the club.

Shaun and Austen derps away all the time, and sometimes you wonder how on earth do they enjoy such a carefree life.

I will not deny that the root of all the problems we face now is me.

I was the man who screwed his 2014 so badly and brought his problems to the table, promising change and turning a new leaf.

I was the man, who anchored myself in the comfort of my brothers and fail to realize that despite being anchored down, the ship is moving and I brought everyone out to the big blue sea of uncertainty without them knowing it.

At the end of the day, I know that both groups will be there to cover me, but yet I feel as if I have not done enough for the team.

I have always failed the expectations of my fellow brothers, and that pains me tremendously.

Just knowing that they have invested so much time and money on me, that they put their faith on me when others won’t and yet I’m a complete flop just makes me wonder sometimes…

Why do people still do it anyway.

And with that, I propose a toast to the MoneyTeam, and pray that one day, the man and the bane of all your problems can finally wake up and smell the coffee and greater times ahead.


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