Apple’s Great Aftercare Service & My dead Macbook Screen

My love for Apple grew today.

Seriously speaking, out of every after sales customer service that I have ever used, Apple is still the best by far.

This was what happened:

My Late 2011 MacBook Pro 13″ screen’s backlight recently died this week (meaning that the screen is still working, but you can’t see it because it’s not illuminated) so I have been struggling to do my work and many other things because I need an external display.

When I brought it down to an authorised Apple Service Centre to check and see what’s the damage, the customer service personnel confirmed whatever I have hoped to avoid – the hefty price tag that my friends have all accrued before because of the same problem.
The cost? $600 – $700, but after adding all the extra costs it could go right up to $800 – $900 after everything.

Considering that I don’t have the money to spend and the urgent need to really use it cause it’s a work computer, I called Apple Support.
Matt picked up the phone and tried to help me. He said the same thing as what the technicians back at the authorised centre, and there was nothing they could really do.

Most of the time, CSO (customer service officers) will just say “I’m sorry” and wait for you to hang up, but he did something extra – contact a senior product specialist.

Harris, the product specialist, came on the line and talked to me and after a while, he told me that due to such special circumstances, he will place a parts only exception on the repair, meaning that the parts will be shipped for free and I would only have to pay for the labour costs.

The amount I have to pay for the repair? $100 – $200. A significant drop from the $800 – $900 I had to pay initially.

This really speaks volume about how much Apple and their support team value us as customers. Considering that my warranty have already expired and that this is an old unit, they were still willing to help me out FOR FREE (they said I may need to purchase a single incident thing costing about $38).

Granted, Apple products are expensive and sometimes lack the function of other products (I can’t play games on a Mac).

But never once I have had to wait more than 5 minutes for an AppleCare support crew to call me, neither did I face difficulty in sending and collecting my MacBook when it needed servicing, and that is some seriously good customer service.

I must say though, I have had other great customer service experience, but none of them could match Apple in terms of helpfulness and promptness.


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