Once again, I’m here writing about something that I had tried to stop thinking about again.

But a small chat with one of my closest brothers had sparked me to write this piece.

Are polytechnic students really that inferior to JC students?

Why do people have that mindset?

Just because JC students get all the lauding in the media and get to represent Singapore on international academical competitions?

Just because the bulk of Singapore’s finest athletes, politicians and businessmen come from the top schools?

Just because society define success as the amount of As and achievements you have tied to your name? Just because society lauds the brightest of students?

I understand the feeling because I have been surrounded by a lot of JC peeps and when they talk about their achievements, it’s easy to understand why you start to feel inferior.

I have friends who tell me that if you want to be an athlete you need to attend top schools such as SJI, RI, HCI, ACJC or SSS (Singapore Sports School).

I stared at him and wondered “how is that possible? Don’t we have talents from neighbourhood schools too?”

This mindset has gotten to the best of us. It has been the main reason why most of us polytechnic student have decided to retire our dreams and hopes on becoming the next pride of Singapore.

Ladies and Gentlemen, life is as such. Our JC peeps were born bright and smart. We cannot change that.

But what we can change is ourselves.

We can change what we love, and what we want to do.

Look at Anthony Chen, he went to my school because he loved film and he won a golden horse award. Ask a JC student to get such a prestigious award and they will ask you “where is the answer key?”

Just because our peeps at JCs look like they having a lot of fun, and their future is brighter than ours, must we shortchange ourselves?

Find out what you really love and do it.

A close brother of mine once told me “Do what you love and let it kill you.”

I love DJing, and Electronic Dance Music Production, and my course taught me that, and hell, if you one day found me slumped over a mixer console dead, you can safely say I went in peace.

So stop feeling inferior, it’s hard, I know, because I have been feeling that way for the past 3 years. But I realised that if you are truly passionate about something, the world is yours to control.

I’m so sorry for allowing this blog to go stale. I’ll try to update it weekly!


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