Blog is NOT dead! :)

Oh dear, I have not updated the blog in quite a while haven’t I?

Well, that’s because I have been using Dayre ( quite a fair bit now and also the fact that my last 4 weeks have been insanely packed.

Last week alone, I had 4 gigs (2 for NJC Open House, 1 for School of ICT and 1 party) and of course that means I have a lot of catching up with my work to do! (Sleepless nights, come to me!)

The semester is pretty short, and would be ending by Chinese New Year. This is the first time I can seriously say, I DON’T look forward to it, because that’s when my exams will be.

Anyway, I will be updating this blog with some archive post which I have posted on my facebook. That’s the problem with me, I publish my supposedly ‘blog material’ on facebook.

I will update this blog in the following weeks, unless I die from the pressure exerted by my assignments. 😦

Let’s all hope 2015 would be good!


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