Week in review – PLTC / Prom / School

Oh dear, it seems that I have forgotten to update this blog for one whole week.

I apologise, but I do have a valid reason for it.

I was extremely busy this week due to both prom hosting and PLTC (Patrol Leader Training Camp) plus a combination of an overwhelming workload from school.

So let’s start the week in review from the top.


I went to host the prom for east spring secondary school, which is my old school.

Got to admit it, it was my very first time hosting such a ‘casual’ and ‘fun’ event considering all the events that I have emceed for before are very serious.

I did screwed up the first part, but under the guidance of both Donovan (you save the thing dude) and the DJ (Thanks Malcolm!), we managed to pull off the event!

Photo on 20-11-14 at 11.05 pm

I honestly am starting to love hosting such events, and I hope that I can do more in the future, which will help shape my portfolio and allow me to enjoy my hobby.

I hope you guys enjoyed the event, and I’m sorry for the cold start we had.


Immediately after the prom, was EAPLTC2014 (East Area Patrol Leader Training Camp 2014)

Me and Shaun checked in on the Friday night after a long creepy bus ride into the depths of the Choa Chu Kang forest


There were literally no one except for the two of us when we alighted at the bus stop, except for a stray dog.


Of course, the camp chief was very kind enough to come out and fetch us in, because walking one kilometer in pure darkness of the Choa Chu Kang Wilderness is extremely dangerous. Considering that there were no lights at all, the feel was like in those movies, where the character is driving through an extremely dark area with the car’s high beams turned on, either because he was going for a drug deal or to save a kidnapped loved one. In this case, it was for us to help facilitate the camp .


[Photo was bad because the road is bumpy and shaun doesn’t know how to take proper movement shots]

The good news was, we were sleeping in bunks, very very veryyyyyy comfortable bunks. It had extremely comfortable beds, despite it being ridden by lizard poo and bedbugs. They even provided blankets and pillows!!! This is really something unheard of in a camp.


So, while the staff had a debrief, me and Vera started our sentry duty, or at least I did when Vera decided to sleep on the job. For some reason, the management decided to cut short our sentry duty time from 4am to 2:50+am.

So I managed to sleep earlier, although it was later than anyone else.

DAY2: Shaun decided it was okay to wake me up earlier than the time I was supposed to be awake, but it was okay, since I didn’t feel tired at all (for some strange reason).

But since, there was nothing to do between the time of then and flag break, I decided to do some music production, since I brought my Macbook Pro.


[Cause I’m so step]

Afterwards, we had to go and conduct a inspection which was enriching, considering the amount of things we had to go through. [I would upload a photo, but I think its confidential?]

So, after the inspection, there was nothing much to do, since I had no patrol allocated to me and the games would only start in the afternoon. So, going back to the bunk to do some work looked like the most feasible thing to do.

So, I decided to work on a [CONFIDENTIAL REPORT] till the people either called me for help or until the games started.


Apparently, the games were very fun to play with, as everyone seem to be happy.

I was in charge of the jerry can surprise, which ironically had no jerry can or surprises.

The time went by very fast and again, I had nothing to do. So, I decided to head back to the bunk to catch some sleep.

Fast forward a few hours and the camp was pretty much over. I probably won’t bother writing about it since it has no activity that is interesting apart from me editing the video.

Oh, did I mention the food was good?


Looks like that’s it for this week. See you soon and I apologies for the late post!


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