Week In Review – Life / Loc Prod / Music Production

What a great week to start with.

Life, so far has been good, at least for this week.

It has been on schedule, with the usual mocking, roasting and self derogatory behaviour that I usually exhibit when alone. Apart from a few depressing hours, my life this week is enjoyable.

I honestly find that the greatest burn is always to burn yourself, that’s why I live up to people’s insult, cause its funny and fun.

OK, I’m not in the sanest of my mind right now. Pretty much due to exhausting study 2 days ago, which made realise that my body cannot withstand even the most basic of such torturous behaviour that I underwent during my ‘O’ levels.

Had the greatest sleep on Wednesday night, I got completely knocked out right after Dinner. and woke up at exactly 6am the next morning.

That’s a sleep time of about 11 hours, something literally unheard of in my life.


Today (Thursday), we had location filmmaking, and it was great, considering the amount of things we learnt.

Loc prod today was good, had a wonderful session with my class, and we got our groups! Looking forward to being a great burden to my group and their marks.

Being the burden that I am usually, I had forgotten to export and save the movies from the thing itself.

Thank god for Alysia, our wonderful camerawoman, which help us resolve the issue.

Also, the footage that we got is A-Grade. So now that I know my editing well enough, I should be able to add some magic into it.

Hopefully, my skills will be skilled enough for me to not be burden to my final project group.

I kid, but yea, I will try not to ruin everything.


Managed to produce a new melody with a bassline.

The melody finally allowed the synthesiser which I have never used in any production before shine out, giving it a certain depth of warm, allowing the song to sound uplifting.

The synth has much more warmth than my life, so that should allow you to gauge how nice the song is.

I released a Beta song recently, you can check it out, its about 50% done.

Link: https://soundcloud.com/timo-ledj/beat-test#t=0:30 (note: it starts at 30 second, because the front part is shit)

Leave a comment there if you have any feedback.


Yeap, and that was my week in review! I promise more ‘professional’ posts in the future, but I will probably write a “week in review” (unless I’m dead (both literally and – tired)

See you soon guys!

P.S Thanks to those who read this blog of mine, I really appreciate the views! 😀



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