Midweek Update – UBER , Music , DJing

It’s a Tuesday night / Wednesday morning that I’m writing this.

It seems surprising that even after three weeks, my body clocks still decides to only shut down at 1am.

Do you ever have those moments where you always wake up at the same moment everyday? It’s happening to me. Strange thing is, I wake up like a powerful man at that specific time, but if I sleep for 5 more minutes, it decides to make me sluggish as hell.

Happened to me today. I initially woke up (without alarm) at 6:15am, feeling like the most refreshed man in the world. Deciding that it was still early, I (regrettably) decided to hit the sack for another 15 minutes.

Guess what? I woke up feeling like I have not been sleeping for the past few days.

Damn, body, you’re weird.

I also decided to take Uber today. As I thought the highway was the usual “crawl for just 5 minutes” jam, I decided paying $17 for a cab ride home would be good.

Things turned out differently, both to me and my wallet’s horror.


A supposedly 30 minutes trip (even with traffic!) turned out to be an hour’s journey. that also cost twice the price too.

Reason being some jackass driver decided to be reckless and spilled SOIL on the damn highway, resulting in a massive ass jam from Lornie Road to Kallang.

On the bright side, I managed to get a few more songs to add to my collection of DJing material, including a ton of mashups from Visionaire.

The sad thing about it is, all the new songs (all 156 of them) are absolutely fantastic, and I dare say that the commercial crowd has probably not heard most of them before.

That means if I were to drop those songs at a ‘rave party’ for them, they would probably go “What is that trash?!!!”

I think these days, people would request the DJ to loop “Summer” 50 times and then take a selfie with the DJ with the tagline – “BEST DJ EVER!!!!!!!!”

There are good DJs as much as there as bad ones (*cough* Paris Hilton *cough*) , but there is also a bad crowd.

Hopefully, its not too much for them to appreciate the music and energy rather than instagramming themselves. (That’s just my 2 cents worth)

Oh well, it’s 12am.

Time to hit the sack I guess.

Se you guys soon! 😀


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