Refreshed – Week In review.

Ahhhhhhh. It seems that I have changed my blog’s background again.

I chose a new theme, and maybe after Web Graphics, I would actually be bothered to completely redesign the whole damn thing.

Let’s start with this week in review.

T104 has been very awesome so far. Love them loads.


CDJs and DJM has been fixed!!!!


(Look how one fader (deck 1) is missing)

I literally fanboy-ed when i saw the new faders and THEY FEEL SO GOOD. THAT SMOOTHNESS OF THE FADERS.

The cue button now works (ermahgawd like finally?) and of course, the CDJs work perfectly. Had wonderful rave parties in between breaks lately. (I’m going deaf)

On the topic of DJing, Traktor haven’t been so nice to me ever since I have updated to OS X Yosemite.

Not only that, it seems that my computer volume system has also stopped working properly.

Spent about 3 hours on technical support just to fix those problems, and also, restoring my iTunes library which I have (stupidly) deleted by accident.

However, my week has been good so far, and hopefully it stays that way.

Also, the news about me getting accepted in Youth Corp Singapore was a great news, considering that I am the second batch to enter the program.

To be honest, 2014 have been a very rough year. I thought FMS would be a fresh start, but it seems that I have treaded on the wrong path and things didn’t go as planned.

However, it is starting to look up (thanks to the new class and NPDJ), and I really hope to start afresh with T104.

I will honestly try to update this blog more often (and also: tagging (didn’t do it because I’m lazy LOLWUT)

Alright time to go. So see ya.


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