FL Studio Cookbook Review

Usually, I don’t do book reviews.

Because of two reasons:

1) I don’t read books

2) I don’t know how to review them.

But nevertheless, a book called “FL Studio Cookbook” came to my desk and requested for a review, so I thought why not?

First off, the book is written very well. All terminology is explained very clearly and concisely. The book starts out with a tour of the DAW, allowing first time users to understand all the buttons and functions of every single tools at the disposal of the producer. (Trust me, you don’t wish to spend 4 hours figuring out where the automation is (its covered in Chapter 10: Recording automation))

Secondly, it doesn’t just teach the basics of FL Studio, it goes beyond that and teaches you how to expand your arsenal of instruments; such as wiring Reason to FL. As you all know, we all love to install plugins. FL will teach you how to install Virtual instruments (VSTs) and other plugins. Also, they will teach you the basic structure of how to build a song (Covered in Chapter 4: Building Your Song)

Overall, its a good guidebook, and even though i have been using FL Studio for 1.5 years, it has taught me many things that I have not learn before.

Do check it out here: 


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