To the secondary 4 students.

10 minutes is too short for me to say anything to the secondary 4 students.

I would say it here.

To this year secondary 4s, you might have seen my face on the board in 4E2’s classroom.

It didn’t come easy.

Let me tell you a story.

Before 2013 started, I had failed my chemistry, physics , maths , social studies and principle of accounts.

In 2013, I vowed that I wanted to change, and I set my own goal to have an L1R4 of 8 and L1R5 of 10 (which I didn’t met).

Strangely, I went from failing nearly all my subjects to getting an average of A2.

I got a L1R4 score of 10 and L1R5 score of 13.

Yet, I regret.

I regretted not studying harder and pushing myself even further.

I regretted not finishing the two math booklets Mr Khan gave me.

I felt upset when I had failed to finish all the SS essay topics in the small booklet Ms Liu gave me.

Do you want to regret?

Do wish to cry in remorse on the day that you receive your results?

Prelims show where you are currently standing in terms of your academics. Your results here should be above average since it’s so close to your ‘O’ levels.

If your results in prelims are bad, and you were to continue down the path, where will you be?

You will be in despair. You would be crying.

I guarantee it.

Even if you cried a river and beg your teachers and poured your remorse out , no one can do anything.


The harsh reality is : you have less than one month to buck up.

It’s not a long time, but if you put your mind and heart to it, I can promise, you will improve tremendously.

Recently, I heard that night studies have been given the green light. My batch demanded night studies but wasn’t given such a privilege.

I want to help you guys, so that you don’t walk down the same road as me, or any of my fallen peers.

If the fear of failure or the fact that your future relies on this result does not scare you, then let the memories of you witnessing my batch receiving our ‘O’ level results do the scaring.

Remember their tears of sorrow of those who didn’t did as well?

Definitely a position you wouldn’t want to be in 2015.

As a senior, I would want to retake my ‘O’ levels.

Trust me, regret is something you don’t want to feel when you receive your results.

The resources are there. Teachers, seniors, time, location, environment.

All you have to do is put in effort, ask questions , take initiative. Don’t be afraid to ask questions, no matter how stupid you think it might be.

Remember, we’re here for you, and hang in there!


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