Forward Thinking : Singapore Education System

In the 1980s , a degree holder was considered godly, and was often held highly. When a degree holder came back from overseas studies, people kissed the road they walked on. Their family think heaven sent a god to their house.

But now, it’s different. A degree is much easier to attain than in the past. The Government has literally open the floodgates by ensuring social mobility and the near removal of financial elitism.

That brings a problem.

Now that everyone is a degree holder, jobs requiring a degree starts to get more competitive.

With the rise of China and India, educated manpower becomes cheaper and cheaper. Eventually, in the world, your degree becomes useless in helping you stand out from the crowd and your salary becomes lower and lower!

What would happen to Singapore, a country where manpower is an asset?

What would happen will be that Singapore’s only major asset will turn in a liability.

A degree requires years of financial support and time input, but if the outcome were to underperform and crush your overhyped ambitions, it wouldn’t been worth the effort. The same effort could have been spent on something more productive.

So with this, we have to change three things.

Firstly – our mentality.

The mentality that if one has a degree, one can be extremely successful is still prevalent, and that has to change.

The world is dynamic, it is ever changing. Technology becomes obsolete at an alarming rate, that’s how fast it’s changing. Flexibility and versatility is no longer a want, it’s a need.

There are many success stories out there where people without even a proper education making it big.

Their secret? Hardwork , passion and determination.

Secondly – our system.

Let’s all thank the government for starting to bring slow, but sure changes to the system.

We are now moving some emphasis away from academics and putting them into holistic education.

Think about it.

If we continue to push and strive for academical excellence , our working population will just become paper warriors, or “theoretically smart, realistically stupid” as I call it.

Imagine one day where all the workers are able to give you answers to your questions, but at the end of the day, they can’t execute it. In the end, it’s all bark and no bite.

Of course, not forgetting their blurred faces when you try to explain the term ‘fun’ and ‘relax’ to them, for which is absent from their vocabulary due to the extreme emphasis on studies.

Do we want that to happen?

Last, but definitely not the least – Parents.

Parents are the most important people in terms of child development. They are a child’s personal advisor, mentor, and play a major part in influencing them.

But yet, they wish to cram so much skills into them from a tender age, exchanging valuable childhood for classes.

Remember , the rise of the tuition industry didn’t come by accident. It was created though the demand of academical excellence, of which parents thought was the key to success.

The by-product? Crushed childhood, stress deposits and financial burdens.

Parents need to understand that textbooks don’t change, but the world does. The world demands creativity, not textbook answers. As such , academics can only bring you so far.

It takes awhile to change people’s mindset, but when people start to understand, only then will real change take place.

Remember this:

A degree can help you to step up your game, but being creative and flexible will help you rise to the top.


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