This book banning fuss

Never should we allow people who have bias and unreasoned beliefs to dictate a library’s catalog. A library is place for reference, a place to learn and a place for knowledge. We can not let the neutrality of the library be ruined by some , I dare say, Cult groups, who’s beliefs are not consistent.

If they are really ‘pro family as per say, then there are more books in the library that requires removing.

HF's time in EDI

The news this morning that NLB has withdrawn and will pulp the books provoked an emotional reaction. So I wrote to the relevant people.


To: National Library Board, Singapore

Minister Yaacob Ibrahim, Minister for Communications and Information
Minister Lawrence Wong, Minister for Culture, Community and Youth
Ms Yeoh Chee Yan (Chairman, NLB)

Permanent Secretary, MCCY

Mrs Elaine Ng (CEO, NLB)

(cc: Ms Ellen Lee, my MP)
dear Ministers, Permanent Secretary, CEO NLB
I am a Singaporean who reads voraciously and who has loved our libraries since I was a child. I write to highlight my strong dismay over the NLB’s recent decision to withdraw two children’s titles in a knee-jerk reaction to the complaint of some members of the public.
As I am also a lawyer and taxpayer, I point out that when the NLB, a publicly-funded body, censors one book for its content due to one complaint, a dangerous precedent is set for the NLB and for…

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