Respond To STOMP’s scandalous postings

Isn’t it strange to find weird things on STOMP these days?

Just now, I was on board the bus, on my way to somewhere, I managed to find 5 of what I call “stompable material” (from what I observed that is being posted on STOMP) , which in other countries, is perfectly alright. 

I find it very puzzling that Singaporeans love to find fault with literally everything, from NS men sitting down on the train (with no one in need of the seat) to students studying at the void deck. Every time when I read those articles I start to wonder, what has society gone to?

The culture of Singaporeans, from my observation is, we love to complain. We love to poke fun. We love to start sagas. Of course, make one mistake on the internet, and you have enter the crushing jaws of the singapore social media, where you will be found , hanged upside down and be flamed till you either commit suicide or migrate to Perth.

Over exaggerating ? I think not. Take a look at the Anton Casey. It took the Singapore social media by storm, so much so that Scoot used it as marketing gimmick and I bet Anton is suffering from his little “shot to fame” by not being able to find a job because of the international coverage.

Yes I agree, saying that people who take public transportation “stink” and that you needed to “wash the stench of public transportation off me” went a little too overboard. But from our actions, I think we did stoop to that level. Did we help in his rehabilitation ? No. Did we help him in teaching him to be a little sensitive of his comments? No. Did we ruin his family’s future? Yes. Look what happened!

The cloak of anonymity and security in numbers have given Singaporeans the ability to become Keyboard Warriors. Why bother about the consequences? That guy did something wrong and it’s a right to roast him because of what he did! He deserved it! Again, none of us bother to think about the long term consequences of what we typed out on the internet.

We just love to hate on the internet don’t you feel?


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