Opinons on Anton Casey

Singaporeans have lacked empathy in regards to the justice being served on Anton Casey.

Lets just say, he shouldn’t have messed. around with the average Singaporean.

Let’s be honest. I do feel that revealing his address, spamming his inbox and the naming and shaming was going a little too overboard.

But Singaporeans are stressed. Stressed at work, stressed about inflation, stressed about a lot of things. And what Anton did was simply light up the fuel we had in us.

Road rage is commonly seen on our roads, where people may cut into your lane, or turn without signaling. But we have a choice to shrug it off, or point the finger and ram his car, the latter would have resulted in an escalated fight, a video that will circulate online and a police report, and possibly a hospital stay.

If we apply what is the common saying in road rage in our daily life, (the phrase being “an eye for an eye”) , out lifestyles would be so tied up in the joy of naming and shaming of the people who have made a slight mistake. Is that a society we want to achieve?

We must always remember that Gandhi once said “An eye for an eye makes a world go blind”

I personally find that the Singapore goverment is finally making the right shift from economical growth to social cohesion and development. It is implementing more family friendly policies and also encouraging community bonding.

But maybe the adverse side effects of economical growth has already shown.

Singaporeans have always been shown to be ‘cheapskates’ , always trying to bargain for free items, going to Malaysia to pump petrol – and it goes on and on.

But why? Maybe it’s because things are a tad expensive here, and we are willing to go the extra mile to find the cheapest deal we can.

I, too show signs of what is happening in singapore these days. I personally don’t mind naming and shaming the elite for if a mistake they made was grave, and my family knows that I’m a scrooge.

But maybe it’s time for me to show some kindness and empathy. After all, what goes around, comes around.


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