DPA Rejection: It Affects EveryThing

My life goes like this:

I was born with a liability, but given an asset to balance it out.

I was going through life, being hyper and energetic.

People loved me for being able to be so hyped up, but I lost many acquaintance for the same reason.

I went into P6. Left with 211. I felt wronged, the maths was hard, and is still the hardest in years.

I went into East Spring, thinking about power and what’s not. What happened though, was I ended up in the counsellor’s room.

I went into scouts. Found my bros.

What happened next? I found my all time low.

I entered a period of physical transition, where I became wiser, and so did my waistline.

I applied for Nanyang, Ngee Ann , Temasek. Ngee Ann and Temasek rejected me. Nanyang gave me a shot, then a rope, then cut off the rope.

They decided to cut my rope today.

I’m devastated.

I have been hoping that one day, I might finally get accepted into something I loved.

Something that truly understand me.

Something that will nurture my asset.

The liability has taken its toll on me.

But the asset haven’t grown in value.

I’m waiting for the day, which I can rise up, using my asset.

The day has never come.

As I reload my weapon, and check what is going on, I heave a sigh of depression as I see the tunnel of opportunity closing.

When will someone come up to me and tell me “You’re a brilliant speaker!”


My peers and teachers have said that I’m confident, able to communicate well.

But yet, rejected to be nurtured further.

I am demotivated. I am gone. I have no other things left.

No assets, no compliments, no chance.

I have to go to war with the Bell Curve.

I am the only one left.

Nice weather in it?


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