Demotivated,tired,emotionally unstable,dead and lost.

#nowplaying Silent Night (Club Mix) – Dan Briazer (Hands up and feel emotional song)


Enough is enough.

Really, $600?

Im going to let that stop me? Really?

Yes. It has been doing so for the past 4 years.

AND will continue doing so.

*laughing in tears now as song is just toooooo powerful

Why? Cause I’m a naive idoit.

$600 is a lot to me.



You know what i could have bought with it?

Numark Mixtrack Pro ($420) Kontrol X2 ($240) (Second Hand) and a hellload of bullshit.

#nowplaying SAME SONG

SO. My Life revolves around $600.

I thought i could get it back in secondary school, no luck.

Saw a friend posted her winnings on Facebook.What i was trying to leave behind, came back to me,and stab me in the face, saying:” You trying to run is it Timo? YOU TRYING TO ESCAPE?!? NOOO. YOU WILL DIE,YOU WILL BE DEMOTIVATED,I WILL ASSURE YOU OF THAT.”

Im like this now


THAT is me

Emotionally unstable.

Recently got called in for counselling. It just shows, that i must stop running away.

Well its too late to get back the $600 now (Even if i work very hard, there will not be an award ceremony for those who did well in sec 4 = no cash)

Well $600, I get it back somehow. (Probably Not)

I’m who I am today because of that.

All I want is my self-esteem back.

Thats all. $600 took away my dignity,pride,self esteem and joy.

Its catching up, I cant resist it anymore.

#nowplaying – Leave The World Behind – Swedish House Mafia (FAVVVVV!)

Decided, it time to perk myself up.

DJing is working on my self esteem

the $600? Got to face it. I will make everyone pay. I extract bit by bit of every single money that i can get my hands on (legally)

Thats about all really.

I ought to shoot the asshole who created the award,because that person doesnt know that when my mum told me this, i took a VERY BIG personality change.

To that person, you will never understand until you lost something that you love.


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