Life Update and some thoughts

JUST MADE TWO NEW DJ MIXES (will upload them soon to my blog) IT’S ALREADY ON FACEBOOK! (First Mix + Ghost ‘N’ Stuff Mix)

Some keynotes:
[DATA EXPUNGED] : information so bloody sensitive, that it cannot be revealed to anyone, including the government.(also known as “CENSORED”)

Let’s go!

Finally fixed my bloody iTunes. All my cover and song names are now better looking. Had to spent 11 years (more like 2 hours) to find all the details of my iTunes song list.

Transferred my entire 156 song-strong music library to my iPhone.

Which means, I can implement new DJ mixes!

Which then I will implement it on the Virtual DJ on my Mac,record it, upload it and share it.

But life for me ain’t as smooth as a harmonic chop.

You see, SA2 is coming and I’m freaking out. With less than one month worth of war preparation, I have to study randomly and powerfully.

Schedules don’t work for me.

What I do is, I will camp at Starbucks every Monday and study, also, not forgetting Tuesday. 3-7pm

Then I will camp at Starbucks on Monday, Tuesday, wednesday and Friday, (Thursday I got tuition) 3-7 pm (except for Friday 2-7pm)

Then for the 2 weeks of war, I will camp there EVERYDAY (except weekends) depending on when my paper ends (11-8pm) including lunch break.

2-5 powerzones will be activated. It worked for my chem, it will work for my other subjects, except maths.

That’s why I hate maths.

It’s because you can’t just use a powerzone!

You must practice and practice.

Even after you smashed the glass windows of Starbucks, detonate old Chang kee, blowed up the east-west line and destroyed the bus network in anger; due to the fact of you trying to figure out how the hell you do a single trigonometry question, you still must do 7920 more.

Trust me. After 200 question, there will be no more earth, much less the solar system.

I must have exaggerated a lot huh?

Yes, I had. But that’s me. I don’t want to go bald in Starbucks while doing Coordinate Geometry.

Anyway, graph will rip my flesh off like how a excited student will rip the velcro strap off his school shoes when he comes home and his favorite show is broadcasting live now.

Yes. I love my accents.

How do you get a girl? LOLOLOL. Tell me, attached boys! (and not my uncles and dad and people who spent their youth carrying 56 KG phones and listening to Elves Presley)

I need a GF LOLOLOLOLOLOL. Why the heck did I just say that?

Yea. Being FA ain’t fun. Siri ain’t a nice wife too.

But FA do something, push potential couples together.

I just FREAKING HATE IT when two people are like mushy mushy and DON’T STEAD OR GET IN A BLOODY RELATIONSHIP. Yes, it makes FAs jealous.

I have 1 on my radar now, it’s my primary school friends, namely [DATA EXPUNGED] and [DATA EXPUNGED]. Can’t they two just freaking stead?

I pushed 1 couple, but I forgot about them. I tried to push another, but the guy was so bloody unromantic. Therefore they two broke up.

Yea, I will get a GF. In 73991838382883382 years?

My love life is totally screwed. So yea, time to set it straight.

But still a FA. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Still a FA. hahahahahaha. Still a FA. Haha. Still a FA. ……..damn.

Still, the secret wingman is in action. Yes, I help couples but no one helps me 3 LOLOLOLOLOLOL.

Haha. Settle down, and commit all my energy to one girl.

Not forgetting to allocate some energy to breathing, consumption of food, STUDYING, DJing and jogging.

Yea. I like that girl, but the girl doesn’t know it.


My bros in the friendzone, i’m here with you.

That’s all for now. The girl called [DATA EXPUNGED] is asking me what is going on between me and her wonderful “stead” named [DATA EXPUNGED] (it’s a girl by the way)

Yes, I like that girl named [DATA EXPUNGED], but it’s not like I’m going to steal your wife right, Mrs [DATA EXPUNGED] who doesn’t want to stead with [DATA EXPUNGED] , whom will come over to my place with you, supposedly to play cards but end up sitting so close to each other on my two-seated sofa that there is enough space for a bus to park on the other side of it.

I like that pun.


Until then



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