Education + Random Rant

I hate it, really hate it.

Its horrible,torturous. Its something we all have to face,taken for granted all the time, something we think that will not affect the future.


We all hate it, we think of it like a pest. But no matter what, at the end of the day, we still have to go through it.

I mean, you got to go through it right, whether you like it or not. So why not go and enjoy education. Have fun and still get to learn something at the end of the day.Win-Win Situation right?

NO, it must always be filled with assessments,homework’s,projects,exams,test and other sorts of crap the teachers plan for us, so as to tell our parents:” Your Child sucks,take away his freedom now”

Thats life.

Some students do well, and with the increasing number of Foreign Workers/Students here, life just got more competitive.

WE are local people, now faced with international people,which make our life even harder, maybe 10 times harder.

We got to work harder, and harder,and harder. 

I find it wierd.

They judge people by results, not by talent.

for example. A dumbass Vs a Genius.

The dumbass studies hard, gets all “A”s for the entry exam

The Genius one,failed to study,fails all his exam.

Guess who gets in? you are right. it is the dumbass.

There we are,living in a society that we are judged based soley on results, and so a single darn given about talent.

Talent Mangment Program? Thats bullshit

The program takes people that cheat/study hard only for that exam/study hard for the first time rather then the people who are geniuely talented in that subject, just that they had a setback and stuff, therefore unable to produce results. Now thats really crappy.

Look here. School Dropouts can become presidents,CEOs,Billionaires, whilst some people who have a PhD are working as street cleaners and stuff like that. Look at a DJ, he earns a fair bit, whether he has a PhD in science or just a Cert, he is still earning the same amount of cash.

It is hard, and the education route is sort of a guaranteed route to success. But if you gamble small, you lose small, but win small. If you gamble high, you will lose high, but stand to win high. it is the ” Get Rich Or Die Trying” route.

Between the “Leap Of Faith” route and the ” Shades of Grey” , Many have died while “Leaping”, but some of the “survivors” made it big, e.g. Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, just to name a few.

In Singapore, the education system is getting more competitive, more challenging, our normal academic is UK’s “Express” stream (pardon me if i got this wrong)

Why? Because the education system wants to kill us before reaching adulthood. Plus, we got so much more “rivals” because of the increasing number of foreign people coming to singapore, the alleged ” Foreign Talents”. They come to rob our resources, home,food,water,everything they can take,including our education.

Its not me, my peers and people whom i know has also said the same thing about this “Foreign Talents” ( No Offense Here) They want to use Singapore as a stepping stone. after working five years here , they move to the US in search of better pay and jobs. How? Singapore degrees are regonised worldwide. Also the industries here are of a very high standard, when bosses see the word “Singapore” They will take you in immediately. e.g. Between a person working for 30 years in X, and 5 years in Singapore, they would choose the person working in Singapore. So while Singaporeans don’t have enough housing and stuff, the FT are getting ready to boost into their career.

Its horrible.

But what to do? Got to work harder and harder and harder and harder and harder. With more compitions, it is harder to win places in top courses.

But thats life.

But these FTs shouldn’t take us as fools.

For example, We let people into your house, we expect you to follow the house rules and not damage anything. Failure to do so .you will face the consequences. But what has happen is , they break the house rule and most of the time they will get away scot free. 

horrible aint it?

We, Singaporeans, have been insulted by foreigners in our own land, weird aint it?

We singaporeans are not to be taken so lowly, trust me

It all begins somewhere right?


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