School Leadership

I am a Public Ambassador.

I am only activated once a year, and for that fact, it pretty crappy.

I mean, are we that useless? We can help the prefects and sports leader plan and execute school programs.

It is really weird. We are part of the school leadership family.It is pretty ironic that we are not activate for other events.

We want and can contribute more to the school. Recent, when I was filling up a form to apply for a trip to Hanoi, a question” What other contributions did you do for the school?” I had literally NOTHING to fill that in.

I can contribute, but is I don’t have a chance.

Prefects and Sports Leaders. They are the fore runners. The rest of the family (Public, Environment and Arts Ambassadors, they are somemore) are hardly heard or used.

We are in a leadership position, because the school thinks we have potential. But what’s the point if you are in it and you are just stale? I haven’t had a chance to contribute back to the school in 2 years.

Yes, I suck at leadership. I know. I was a last choice as a PL. They had no other choice but to choose me as a leader.

It hurts my ego.

I was not elected up there. People use it against me from time to time.

But look at me, I may not be a perfect PL, not even a good one. But I think I’m doing better right now.

As a public ambassador, we can contribute back to the school besides promoting the school.

It’s the same as saying:” Salesman can only be salesman, they cannot help in moving logistics”

I mean, please, at a recent conference, we the public ambassadors have finally asked for permission to be able to be more active.

I just hope it happens soon.

My juniors was saying “I want to be a SL”. Yes good. Get a leadership position and contribute goths school. It make me look back and look what I have contributed.

What have I contributed? Only once.

The SLs are activated nearly every week.

I not saying that PAs must be activated every week, but once a year? Please.

We can assist by using our knowledge to help in events. For example, PAs can help by telling you how to engage students in a better way. EA can help you teach environment education better.

Let us plan events. Why must it always be Prefects? Are you stating that we are not good enough?

We are a family. We work together to make the school a better place. But if we don’t have a chance to contribute, then what’s the point?

Ambassadors are not only representatives. They are leaders too. We can contribute. So give us a chance.

The school needs to make full use of ambassadors. They are also part of the team. If we can contribute, we might feel useless, and eventually, we lose moral.

I’m waiting for the time, where they approach us and ask us to join in planning.

As of now. We are pretty much stale.


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