This post might not be finished, due to the tough circumstances I’m facing now, so I may jut send this post off without finishing it.

That it.

I just blew my parents top.

They gave up all hope on me. They kicked me out of the bandwagon and now I’m on my own in the cave (not to Be taken literally)

Really, got to let this blog go stale?

Enough talk. Got to study at least 1 hour and a half every day. Got to force myself, whether I like it or not.

Got to get all ‘A’, if not I can’t get back the bandwagon

Like what my mom said:

“it’s your life, do whatever you want, but without a paper qualification, you will regret it your whole life”

With this in mind, time to study.

Remove all things in my head and study.

Really study. Once SA is over, I’m going loco

Don’t wanna let my parents down. They already kick me out of the bandwagon and wash their hands off me.

On my own now, got make sure I get a minimum of a ‘A2’ for all subjects except for Chinese which is a ‘B4’ then my parents will be satisfied.

Then I can also feel the satisfaction of getting that 4 awards that I deserve.

Goodbye Internet!


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