Memory Lane

Be honest, when was the last time you took a trip down your memory lane?

I must say, memory lane is a very exciting and emotional lane for me to take.Sometimes you can be sitting there for hours, just thinking about your childhood. Thinking of all that childish things you have done, the daring things that landed you in trouble,the moments where you thought (at that time) was correct but was wrong AND till now still feel embarrassed, and maybe when you were 8 you scored that first girl. These things are very precious.

Memories are forever. Not matter what, once it burned in, it burned in. Basically, unless you bang your head, you will never forget them.

I did a timeline of my own 15 years life, furthest I could remember was when I was 3-4 years old. That time I was at a childcare center, it’s was lunch time (probably). They had served us fried rice( I still remember the taste!) and I finished mine. I was still hungry so by instinct, I went into the kitchen and look for more! There was a red ricebox, and I went to open it, but could not find more rice! The teacher came in and saw me and was shocked and led me out.

Now that was probably stupid of me.

The next memory was my trip to Malaysia (not the jamboree). It was up in the mountains and probably the first time I EVER saw a buffet. I have some photo evidence and still remember I held a rabbit. The pool was freezing like nobody’s business and its was relatively cold ( as of now, it will be considered ok for me ). We went there as a trip with our church, The Salvation Army, which hosted the trip annually, and I think still hosts it. My mum painted a “There will be love” or something plague and its still on the wall! So, I was probably 5-6 years old by then.

Not all memories were great.

One such memory was my very first day at my first primary school. I was young and rash at that time. So that was this pair of brothers ( who moved to Australia in the middle of the year (2004) ) One of them was thin and the other was fat! I remember his name was Fariz or something. On that faithful day, early in the morning, we were suppose to assemble in the hall, and I was the first batch to arrive. So after putting our bags down, we rush to the hall. The fact that I had a haircut and that Fariz guy decided that insulting will be fun, and did not realize what great “punishment” I had laid out as the consequences for his insult. He called me “Botak” (Malay for Bald). As of now, anyone call me botak, I don’t care. But at that time, I was REALLY rash. So he was the only one sitting in the hall, all alone. So I decided to punish him by running and sliding into his back, which place him in unmentionable agony and pain ( if it happen at my age now, it won’t be too bad ). It took 4 prefects to drag my crying ass away from the victim. Yes, FOUR! And I was consulted for that incident and was left to be punished.

But we became good friends afterwards, sadly he left for Australia.

I changed school in 2006 to a nearer one due to a 1 1/2 year battle with a old and weird enemy, who’s name is spelt Aunshak (pronounced Ah-nu-shcar). The ironic thing is that on my last day in that school, we become quite good friends. The weird fact I really dunno why we became enemies in the first place. But the counselor had to come in and solve the problem. And apparently it did solve the problem, but it was too late, I had changed school. To write this “battle” down in detail will be published in a book!

My P3 to P6 was filled with a lot of adventure.

To write them down, I need to write a book.

Go take a trip down your memory lane. It gets you crying, laughing and sometimes angry. But its lane that will build up on we the course of your lifetime.

Don’t review your memory lane just before death. Do it maybe every year (at least)

Remember, Memories are forever.


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