12th National Malaysian Scout Jamboree

oh jamboree, “Jamboree jamboree”

That’s the chorus of the jamboree song. Yes guys, I’m back! from Terengganu, Malaysia, where the Scout jamboree was held. It was held from 18th -25th November 2011 in Terengganu.

it is a very beautiful place, our campsite was by the beach, so we had some stunning views, the weather was calm and peaceful horrible as it was the monsoon season. The wind was so strong and powerful it blew the tablecloth off when a FULLCUP OF A DRINK was placed on it. Now THAT’S powerful. The rain was so powerful and unpredictable it could from 0 to Full Blast in 4 seconds, not a chance for us to dodge it.

We had our own main tents, there were 3 of those. One for the boys, one for the girls and one for the leaders. Basically, let’s just say that the girls got out of this inception nightmare better than us boys. The girls main tenet were the cleanest among us. The boys could not really understand the fact that there were “2 people sleeping there and 2 days later a third person was there” . No matter how many time WE pack the things logistics up, the rest came in and create havoc and our efforts down the drain. But we boys can sleep in ANY situation. Trust me, I know


I love my Singapore contingent. I went there only knowing the people from my own school. I came back knowing that Sir (Mr Desmond Foo) had a very funny sense of humour.
In total 48 people went there, 24 48 came back.
I met a group of 5 (Hien, Wei Ying , Vivian , Nicholas and Ashley) to form a gang of 6 (+ me) . Through out that torture session Jamboree , we were the best of friends. Yes, that’s where I realised that my camwhoring and photobomb skills are very very sharp . Yes and talking about Hien, wait , never mind.


Firsthand, just let me say. We had food ration cards, which made the jamboree seem like a warzone. There be a guy or girl holding a marker pen and marking the card while we were queuing up for the food. So I (honestly speaking) felt like a POW. But hey, it was nice feeling like a POW.


Taste wise, I felt that the food was not so bad. The first dinner I had was horrible. Subsequently, the rest are not so bad, they even had coffee! Some of the days we even ate out. They had this kropok that tasted weird and was chewy. We felt a little freaked out, but in the end, it became one the best memories we had from that trip. I could not find the dried and uncooked version, there! I shall emo about it.

Ok thats part one done. Shall do part 2 tomorrow (daily schedule)

Here’s a photo college done by the Contingent Leader from photos taken by the contingent
the video

Thanks in Advance to Vivian, Sir Kiat, Desmond Foo and the rest for the pictures. Haven’t had a chance to download as my iPhone memory is lowwwwwwwwww !


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