Note: this is my honest belief so yes

Scouts, Be Prepared. I am a scout for 2 years now. Holding an Advance Scout Standard (2nd Class) and 2 proficiency badges (I Suck) have a PL Appointment

Some questions usually asked are:

Why you join scouts?
What is scouting?
Is scouts fun?
How have scouts changed your life?

Q:Why you join scouts?
A: I wanted to join a UG, and the only UG look interesting was scouts and till this day it is still.

Q:What is scouting?
A: one of the lectures from PLTC seminar asked this. Scouting is not about the activities we do, but of the values that we learn or exercise from the activities. For example: Building a Flagpole. You need Teamwork and determination(when the flagpole fails). Scouting is also (I feel) a way of life, about doing one good deed a day. Living your life by the scout promise,scout laws and the. Alias you have learned.

Q:is scouts fun?
A: YESS! Scouts not only give you a chance to enrich yourself but meet other scouts like yourself!

Q:How’s has scouts change your life?
A: Scouts is as changed my life by opening up a lot of paths in my life and making the door for socializing even wider.

There. Any more FAQ please comment

Once a Scout, Always a Scout


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