Life+ Scout+minecraft

Yes! I know I have not update my wordpress for a long time. But yes, my life have been chaotic(it is even right to say that?!), in a good way and in a bad way. Results are out and yes, my level position is 131/160. Pretty crappy huh? So whether I am lucky or doomed (most probably doomed) depends on fate. lol

Now I have been busy with my own life, Yes. I WANT TO BE A DJ!!! I have the skills, and practice will make them better. Also, my old school mates, namely Charmayne, Sing Hui , Werner and of course me is thinking of forming a band.
Yes I am under the percussion section ( me being in scout’s percussion group ), still got to work on the vocals though.

SCOUTS! People always ask me why I joined scouts. I shall write another post! But mainly about brotherhood, unity and others. So yes!


Minecraft? One of the most interesting games I have played. Its amazing in one aspect. It’s was still in Beta stage and it sold 3 millions copies , ALL BY THE WORD OF MOUTH, that’s the power of YouTube folks. I got to learn of Minecraft through videos, but never thought of buying it :X . Until! Shaun Wah got my interest, I never knew out school had a thriving Minecraft community.

That’s all folks ! LOL I just copied it from somewhere……

DJ Timodriver


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